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Person Of Interest 3x21 “Beta” Promo

"if they harm her in any way, kill them all" - Finch #personofinterest

#PersonOfInterest Windows APP is now available

It took some time, but my Person of Interest GUIDE app is now available for Windows 8.1. Already working on an update to fix the splash screen issue and the major character BIO text is not showing up correctly.

I appreciate everyone’s support and ideas and helping a sole independent developer.

Apple Users: I know I know, you want an IOS app. I had one, no one dowloaded it so I took it off the store. To be honest it was my first attempt and a poor product, so I take the blame. I am am iPhone/ MAC user myself, the problem is that all of my training and schooling was based off of Windows products, so I am doing what i am stronger in. The Windows app environment for both phones and OS is growing and I feel I am on the uptick, whereas the IOS market is flooded with product. I would really want this product ported to IOS, and until I learn how to do that (meaning spending $$$ on classes, assistance and lots of time), I am spending energy on these right now.

#PersonOfInterest Inaction is sometimes worse than action (and the missed thumbs up by a lot of viewers)

Death Benefit S03E20

After what I think is the top episode so far of the third season, there were many questions and none of which I have answers to.

First off, the show started as almost a Season 1 show with the number of the week. I enjoyed the banter of Reese and Shaw working together and solving an immediate situation of drug dealers that were planning to off each other for the extra cash (mention of handing them off to Fusco to deal with). Then Root rides in a motorcycle, as impractical as that is in the middle of winter and knowingly needing a passenger, it doesn’t stop it from being awesome and having Amy Acker in the scene is almost as powerful as having Jim Caviezel in any scene. Greatness is amplified when he is in the scene and this episode is one of his best of the series.

Things started to fall apart, or come together depending on how you look at it, for what was shaping to be a psychology thriller.

Does Finch not trust the machine?

I do not think I have been more enthralled in any part of the series so far than by the conversation of Finch and Reese about whether or not to kill the Senator. Finch makes the point that they are their to save lives, not take them. Reese questions whether the machine would even send such a number to them and Finch confirms that it would in only a severe case, which is where they find themselves battling. Reese is quick to point out that killing the Senator will save a lot of lives in the end, and that really was the sole purpose of the machine in beginning. Failure to do so will result in a catastrophic event.

Which brings me to my first major concern. Finch has made this mistake previously of not taking action and it has come back to haunt the team. There was plenty of opportunity to take out Simmons and they did not, and Carter was killed. For those with a moral/ethical reasoning why he didnt, I could understand that argument. But their moral compass is not any less wavered knowing that Simmons was eventually killed and they did nothing to stop that killing. In the end, Simmons died because of the Machine and awareness of the team, regardless of who did the handy work.

Did Reese kill the Senator?

I honestly believed that Reese was going to kill the Senator with his reaction to get right back in Finch’s face and re-educate him of the past (see above, for those that don’t want to go back, Simmons/Carter), which I believe that someone of Reese’s mental breakdown of dealing with Carter’s loss would have really done. Hell, even Shaw was understanding of it despite her character growth. This banter was my favorite part and Caviezel played it perfectly. I cant say enough about this scene other than to re-watch it a few times to see the emotional toll that Reese felt. This is why I think he should and would have killed the POI of the week. Anyone that has dealt with a loss like that of Carter due to their inaction would never allow that to happen again.

The thumbs up missed.

After we are left wondering if Reese did in fact kill the Senator, it appears so as he is laying there, but a quick thumbs up from the searching SWAT member makes us aware that he is just knocked out, but alive.

Music invokes energy into scenes, but the music chosen for the ending injected sadness and couldn’t have been a more perfect song for the occasion. The somber piano with echoed lyrics rang over the team running for their lives into darkness.

“you could go home.

Escape it all.

It’s just irrelevant.”

Those lyrics (Machine “Daughter”)- could not have been more perfect. Finch’s inaction to the Machines dealing of a number to the team wasn’t to save the number, but to kill the number and prevent their lives and the machines well-being from being in jeopardy. Of course if they killed the Senator, we could pack it all up for the summer hiatus. 

Wheres Finch? Why did he leave?

He left for the same reason he left Grace behind. Finch had to leave in order to protect those he cares about. Reese, Shaw and even Root in some form.

I am not sure what it will take for Finch to realize that killing someone is going to come into play (this is at least the second time it should have been done) in order to save others, including themselves. SPOILER: We know that Grace (Finch’s Ex) will be found to draw out Finch out of hiding, so that leaves a few possibilities. 

Will they tell her about Finch? And know that its open will they be together normally (that would be bad for series)

Will they tell her nothing to just draw Finch out? Most likely. That way she can still be involved later in the show

If they do tell her, will they then kill her so she is one less person that knows who and what everything is? (another likely scenario that would once again put the team in turmoil)

One of the series best episodes was “Death Benefit” and the best part is, we have three more episodes to analyze and get answers to some of these questions.

Coming Soon… #PersonOfInterest Windows App Sneak Peak #WinDEV


So you want a Person of Interest Windows 8 APP? Well, its coming.

Currently the app is available to WIndows 8 Phone users (I know there is not that many fans with them), so most people are using Microsoft Windows and this is a way to get the same experience to them on devices they use daily.

The app will be a total resource guide to all the loyal fans out there, featuring YouTube content, Character backgrounds, behind the scenes photos, RSS feed from this page! There is some more neat items coming soon. I will keep everyone posted when it gets pushed to the Windows store.

It is already currently in the Windows Phone Store here. I am still working on an IOS version that was better than my previous one.



Person Of Interest - Decima exploits Harolds love for his former fiancee


“Beta” – As Decima uses Samaritan’s feeds to hunt Reese and Shaw, Greer exploits Finch’s greatest weakness in an attempt to lure him out of hiding: his love for his former fiancée, Grace Hendricks, on PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, April 29 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: Will Finch’s love become a casualty in Decima’s hunt 4 Team Machine? @ Carrie_Preston returns! New #PersonOfInterest 4/29 @ 10:01pm 


Jim Caviezel (John Reese)
Michael Emerson (Harold Finch)
Kevin Chapman (Detective Lionel Fusco)
Sarah Shahi (Sameen Shaw)
Amy Acker (Root)


Carrie Preston (Grace Hendricks)
John Nolan (Greer)
John Doman (Garrison)


John Herrera (Bodega Owner)
Rayniel Rufino (Bodega Gunman)
John Horton (Priest)
Daniel K. Kim (Virgil)
Matt Walton (Maybank)
Joey Sorge (Uniform)
David Michael Garry (Dock Worker)
Robert Manning, Jr. (Zachary)
Tyler Bunch (Homeless Guy)
Kristoffer Cusick (Terry)
Ross Ruben (Umarov)

WRITTEN BY: Dan Dietz and Sean Hennen

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