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#PersonOfInterest Season 3 Features review and anticipiation.

I am very interested and anticipating a great set of special features from the Blu Ray / DVD release of Person of Interest next week (SEPT 2). Personally I love the Blu Ray/DVD/Ultraviolet combination. It is such great deal and multiple formats for all my viewing needs.

We knew of a special feature, we now know it is called Person of Interest: The Future of A.I. - I anticipate some interviews with creators Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman and maybe some cast and crew members.

Other features we may have already seen before from CBS on their website. The Saying Goodbye to a Friend, obviously in reference to the loss of Carter, they aired a few weeks of her character was killed off. Maybe a more in depth feature.

Bear on Set - they kind of showed up some of that on CBS near the finale of season 3. Remember when they released Michael Emerson talking about Bear on set and then pulled it because it showed that he had a wound/blood on his suit?

Comic-Con Panel - that was everywhere already but we know get a good quality version of the entire panel.

Digital Comic One-Shots: States every episode but the ones released were not for every episode so I am hoping we get some new ones we havent seen before.

Season Finale Commentary - CBS released this after the finale airing and was very insightful commentary from Michael Emerson. I hope they keep this trend up.

GAG REEL - I think this is my favorite aspect of special features of releases. The cast and crew seem to be very goofy, so I hope they extend this beyond quick 2-3 minute session.

When The Game Stands Tall opens today. Every leader, coach and athlete should watch this film. I got the chance to watch it last night and it is a very inspirational and motivational movie about leadership and the way it should be done. Jim Caviezel does an amazing role as Coach Ladouceur.

It is not a football movie. Even if you know nothing of football or care about sports, you will learn something from this movie. I love the end with the real life speeches and clips of Coach Lad and how they were portrayed by Caviezel.

Although they are a successful team, its not about winning. Its about the tools needed to get there. Winning is the result of the principles in place to make kids a better human being.

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